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About the Respite Kids Charity

Respite Kids was founded becauseof a birth injury which happened during the delivery of our daughter Samara. . As a result of the injury she was born with cerebal palsy and significant other special needs. This meant that inorder to continue and operate as a normal family, we required respite on a regular basis.
Samara suffered a lot in her early years, and  cried most of the day. She
required regular medication , and was often unwell.

Regular respite care allowed us to devote our much needed time to the rest of the family, without this, we would not have managed.

Samara passed away when she was 3, and we miss her terribly, but we are grateful
that as parents, we were able to care for her in her own home and that her
sister and brother loved and cared for her as well.

We know that many parents in our community struggle to care special needschildren
in their own home. Some jewish children are sent to institutions 
to be cared for due to the incredible complexity and difficulty
involved in caring for special needs children . We believe it is
important to help these parents before the difficulty forces them to give up,
and to help them by providing respite to see them through the difficult periods.
These parents and their families are special, they have a difficult task, our
primary objective is to get them as much help as possible.

Respite Kids was founded by us, in memory of our daughter and to ensure that some good would come from  her life that was so tragically short but
touched so many people. We must ensure that other parents are given the same
opportunity we had with Samara - to be able to care for all their children at
home and with proper support from the community.


Dani and Robyn Katz